Vetting the Maine Indian Casino Bill

Governor of Maine Janet Mills vetoed a bill passed by state legislators to allow four Indian tribes of Maine to build casinos on their reservations.

Thus, this state continues to be the only state in the United States a region where Indians are not allowed to build gambling houses in their territories.

Mills – a well-known opponent of gambling in the States – explained her veto by the fact that the bill did not take into account important conditions. In particular, the issue of taxes on casino activities that tribes must pay has not been resolved, issues regulating health and safety have not been disclosed, the size of gambling houses and their possible location have not been specified, the issue of tribal management of their gambling establishments has not been resolved. >

At the same time, as NewsOfGambling wrote, in California, the Elk Valley Rancheria tribe began construction of a casino near the city of Crescent City.

As reported, a new casino in North Carolina will open on July 1, 2021 by the Catoba Indian tribe .

Recall that the Ho-Chunk tribe will build their own gambling house in Wisconsin.